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21 icons.
[miscellaneous] stamp.
ressie_noldo wrote in noldo_icons
Old-school Doctor Who, hurrah.

[13] The Five Doctors
[05] Spearhead from Space
[03] Death to the Daleks

001. 002. 003.
004. 005. 006.
007. 008. 009.
010. 011. 012.
013. 014. 015.
016. 017. 018.
019. 020. 021.

A comment if you're taking one would be lovely; please do credit, please don't pass off as your own or edit (oho, accidental rhyme!), etc etc ad nauseam.

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(Deleted comment)
Very pretty. I'm talking all the ones of Liz.

Not taking any, but.. is it Sarah Jane? Aww so pretty!

Taking some of Five & Tegan. Because Five is Good. (Care to icon the glasses from Frontios?)

I have yet to screencap the glasses. This will happen, naturally, 'cos YAYES.

Three is also Good, you know. [really shameless prodding]

Oh, yay, Sarah Jane! Snagging a few-will credit! :)

Very pretty. Snagging 17 and 18. Thank you muchly!

Saved all the Third Doctor era ones, also SJS and Three from The Five Doctors and the Romana one. :) Love the colouring, including the soft black-and-white ones. Will credit with use, as always. :)

these are lovely.

btw, is your icon snaggable? i've got a collection of "of Rassilon" icons.


(Deleted comment)
Stealing shiny things even though I have no idea who these people are! Though that will be rectified this summer, and also, I think I recognise Four even though I haven't seen him & that's probably your fault. :p

Wow I absolutely love your style! Took loads of Doctor Who icons; will credit of course. And am friending you :D

I saved 19 because she looks gorgeous there.

Took Romana inna boat. Thanks :D

Came back and got some other Doctor Who ones too. They're so very lovely :D

Old school Who. You don't know how happy you have made me. Thank you!

Taking 15! These are lovely...

I love these, snagging a few.
Will credit.

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