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a small but pertinent update
[miscellaneous] stamp.
ressie_noldo wrote in noldo_icons
Photobucket, being evil, has started stealth-downgrading the quality of uploaded JPEGs after a small period of time. If you spot something here that looks unusually low-quality, let me know, since it's probably their fault -- I'll try and upload a better version if I still have it saved. (Anything after early 2006 should be on this hard disk, I can't promise anything for earlier stuff.) I also wouldn't object to suggestions for a decent image host.


on Imageshack;
on Photobucket.

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That is plain creepy, it's not just your computer or Bucket. I'd complain if I had a paid account, though might anyway. What's to lose if they are going to mess everything up anyway?

I'd noticed that as well with Photobucket. I hate greedy companies like that - they make plenty of money from ads, so increased popularity isn't a valid excuse.

Thank you for pointing that out - I mostly use Imageshack nowadays so I hadn't noticed, but that sucks :-/

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