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9 icons.
[miscellaneous] stamp.
ressie_noldo wrote in noldo_icons
9 icons: '[Insert Academic Subject Here] is my boyfriend.' (Yes, really.)

Made primarily to cheer avendya up, and to make up for the fact that I didn't do anything very exciting for her birthday.

(I was going to do a whole bunch. Then I thought hard, and realised that when one starts making icons with 'Solipsism is my boyfriend' on them, one has greater issues. Especially since 'solipsism' is not a subject you'll find in school, unless your school is very much cooler than mine is.)

And by demand, girlfriend versions (some of these are not exact matches, 'cos I hadn't saved my Curves settings and forgot what I did, a bit):

Rules are as usual: please credit, please don't hotlink, comments are well-loved.

Also, this may well be the last post for a while. College applications beckon. (They started beckoning a while ago, actually.)
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*stares at them* *starts laughing* Not taking any, but these, are brilliant!

(Deleted comment)
To be honest, with all these cool subjects floating around, I have no idea how on earth anyone manages to pick a major. I want to study it all. ;)

XD I love these.

Snagging physics, relativity theory, and calculus. I'll be sure to credit.

Thanks so much! Great work!

OMG the solipsism one is making me laugh so friggin hard. You win for best use of philosophical irony.

Snagged the literature one. Thank you!

*laughing* I'm snagging computer science XD

Is there any way we could get these in girlfriend version? I will love and adore you forever.

I was just going to ask that. XDD
I wanted to grab the Lit one. XD

And a History one would kick ass. ;)

oh I love these! Snagging 'literature'. Thank you!!

Took mathematics and physics. I will use those when I cram for my matriculation examination:) thanks!

*is deeply saddened by the lack of bio love*
You say it's 'cause you like math more, but then you put lit... *pouts*

I agree. Use Biology folks need some love, too. =(

Not everyone's a science major lol. :P
Good luck with your apps! :D

Yes, but science is all that matters. :P (ressie_noldo will agreee with me.)

I love these, as you know I would, and am taking the lot. Because physics is my boyfriend, damn it! Although math is starting to look rather good...

(Also, don't feel bad. I did so much for your birthday (school was about to beckon at the time, I believe).


(I am Like That. Also, you at least started the fic. I have the bunny for a SPN/Doctor Who crossover (shut up, you know they'd find an alien and try to exorcise it and it would get Royally Pissed and I'm surprised no-one else has come up with this yet), and have not done anything about it.

I may need your help in translating the dialogue to American.)

cough. sociology. cough.

I took the physics girlfriend and math boyfriend.

You are awesome!