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11 icons.
[miscellaneous] stamp.
ressie_noldo wrote in noldo_icons
[11] - Doctor Who, quotes from Fourth Doctor episodes.

Usual rules: please comment if you're taking an icon, please credit noldo_icons, please don't hotlink, et cetera.

Snagged no. 3, because I'm totally like that. :)

Thank you, will credit.

Man, I need to watch some old episodes. I am so terribly underinformed! These really are lovely though, very pretty!

These are lovely. Snagging a bunch. Cockneys. ::giggle:: Fav ep ever.

Snagging most of them. Four was so funny^-^. Four and Ten definitely have the best quotes.

oo icon love... can i gack?

Oh brilliant. Those are great. Will snag a bunch cause seriously, Four was just adorable.

Snagged #3 and #5. Will credit when used. Awesome icons!

LOVE!!! Snagging a bunch later on.

I must find a way to watch the old series.... These are terrific, and I am taking 8 and 11.

These certainly brought back memories. I'm snagging quite a few, thanks. :)

took quite afew. Will definately credit. awesome job :)

I'll take a few. Thanks :)

Do I need to comment anymore? Of course I'm taking some. Actually, almost all of them.

(Which episodes are these from? I recognize the TPP quotes, of course, but I'm not sure about about the rest. I know, I'm a bad DW fan.)

Thought you might. ;)

Er. Let's see:

1&2 -- Pirate Planet, obviously
3 -- Invasion of Time
4 -- Armageddon Factor
5 -- Power of Kroll
6 -- Talons of Weng-Chiang
7 -- Creature from the Pit
8 -- Armageddon Factor (again)
9 -- Leisure Hive
10 -- Destiny of the Daleks
11 -- Pirate Planet (again)


Borrowing the first one, which I love :)


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