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FAQ and Affiliation
[miscellaneous] stamp.
ressie_noldo wrote in noldo_icons
Due to negligence, I didn't post this earlier, and as one can't backdate posts in communities, I thought I'd stick this all into one post and save the trouble.


Can I friend your personal journal?

If you like. I might as well warn you that I don't friend everyone back, and that I'm a) incredibly dull to read about and b) given to making fangirly posts about calculus. If you're willing to tolerate that, go right ahead.

Can I join?

Sorry, no. This is a community only because of the posting flexibility it gives me - it's for my graphics only.

Will you make a custom icon/banner/whatever for me?

Not at the moment. I might decide to open requests in the future, but as of now, requests are the privilege of my journal's limited friends-list only.

Can I use your icons?

That's why they're posted. If I mark something as being for personal use, please don't take it. Otherwise, they're all public as long as I get credit.

Please request affiliation on this post, if you'd like to affiliate. Similar fandoms only, please, and quality icons.

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